Reviewer of the Month (2024)

Posted On 2024-03-26 10:45:05

In 2024, JMAI reviewers continue to make outstanding contributions to the peer review process. They demonstrated professional effort and enthusiasm in their reviews and provided comments that genuinely help the authors to enhance their work.

Hereby, we would like to highlight some of our outstanding reviewers, with a brief interview of their thoughts and insights as a reviewer. Allow us to express our heartfelt gratitude for their tremendous effort and valuable contributions to the scientific process.

February, 2024
Daniel J Campbell, Thomas Jefferson University, USA

February, 2024

Daniel J Campbell

Daniel J Campbell, MD, is an Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery resident physician at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, USA. He has a longstanding interest in surgical education. He has published extensively on the quality and utility of online video education materials for patient education within the field of otolaryngology. His recent investigations explore the interface between patient education and artificial intelligence. Specifically, he has published on the utility and safety of large language models (i.e., ChatGPT, Google Bard, etc.) as it relates to patient surgical education within otolaryngology. Learn more about him here.

In Dr. Campbell’s opinion, peer review acts as the moderator between the investigator and the scientific community. While a constructive review provides the investigators the directions and ways to improve their work to the point where it can be useful to the scientific community, a destructive review, on the other hand, completely shuts down scientific investigation without allowing room for improvement.

I choose to review for JMAI because I foresee artificial intelligence (AI) as being a cornerstone to the future of medicine. These early investigations into the utility and safety of AI will serve as a cornerstone for more complex and larger scale future investigations,” says Dr. Campbell.

(by Lareina Lim, Brad Li)